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Social Networking - A Medium of Exchanging Information

Social Networking : A Medium of Exchanging Information

Social Networking is a social structure made up of individuals or organizations. These social networks are connected by one or more specific types of interdependency. The social networking may be dependent upon friendship, kinship, financial exchanges, likes and dislikes and sexual relationships or relationships of belief, knowledge or prestige.

J. A Barnes used this term for the first time in 1954, systematically to denote patterns of ties including the concepts traditionally used by public and social scientists. It consisted of communities like tribes, families and social categories e.g.: gender and ethnicity.

When it comes to online social networking, the websites are the main source of networking in building up the social ties. Social networking websites function like the online community of internet users.

The shape of social network determines its usefulness to individuals. The small and tight networks might be emotionally bonded but open connections which have weaker ties or social connections are more likely to introduce new ideas and opportunities to their members. Hence, it varies from the need of one individual to another individual. If a person’s need is for close emotional ties, he/she would go for closed networks. But if a person’s need is to fetch a business and share the information largely with others then they have to rely on open networking with loose ends.

As Granovetter had explained that while the close ties resulted in attraction and togetherness, the weak ties are open to new information and insight, but what he called the strength of weak ties is that he could “look beyond the insight to its other friends and acquaintances”. Hence, social networking is the medium by which you are interconnected to others and could understand the things in a wider perspective. By social networking you are connected to a larger family through any kind of relations like likes, emotions or even you can do business. You can sell your products by sharing the advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons of it and even you can invite suggestions to improve it or you can have others to explore the probabilities. You can have exchange of information through sharing with a great extent of people and explore wider opportunities with a single click of online social networking.

After all the role and biggest advantage of social networking is to develop cooperation between different types of individuals. For example you can be co-operative by sharing the type of knowledge you have, you can exchange your feelings and comments about your product and create awareness for the other persons about it. Your thoughts may be good or it may be extremely negative but these are useful to others. In fact social networking is economical in the sense that it helps you understand other person’s perceptions, attitude and approach towards life, be it business or anyone’s personal life. It helps you get connected to a larger community and people worldwide through a single click of the internet. Basically, it helps you get connected to others perceptions and feelings.
To conclude, the advantages of social networking are to:

1. Improve your emotional ties and bonds with other people, whilst being connected to them
2. Share your thoughts and perceptions with a larger community.
3. Connect yourself to those, whom you have never seen or heard in your life.
4. Do business by sharing your information about the particular concept.
5. Criticize a concept or a product.
6. Understand things from others vision or perspective.
7. Open your mind towards new ideas.

In sum total social networking is the exchange of ideas, thoughts, perceptions, feelings and emotions towards the growth, adding to the potential of an individual

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